NorthStar Academy of Pinellas COUNTY


PBPC Academy (Palm Springs)
Andrews High School (Pompano Beach)
Chambers High School (Homestead)
C.G. Bethel High School (North Miami-Dade)
Sunrise High School (Fort Lauderdale)
Main Street High School (Kissimmee)

Is your future on your mind?

NorthStar Academy

Wait a minute . . .

Are you telling me I can catch up on my credits and graduate with my class?

I am listening . . .

Tell me what I need
to do to get started.

NorthStar Academy
NorthStar Academy

Are you sure you
can help me? . . .

Yes, we are sure. Our students all have their own story for how they were either behind a grade and were not going to graduate.

Does your child struggle in school?
Do they need an alternative pathway to success?

At our schools your child has options and a choice to design their educational pathway to success. NorthStar Academies has provided quality education serving students in both middle and high school throughout Florida for over 10 years. With a reputation of commendable schools, we have graduated several thousand students advancing their education, seeking gainful employment, or enlisting in the military. With a firm belief that children create our future, we focus on career and technical education, on-the-job training, community relationships, and individual, purpose-driven careers where passions turn into successful futures.

We offer over-age middle school students the opportunity to participate in a program that nurtures their potential, motivates them to succeed, elevates their self-esteem, and provides them with a vehicle for credit recovery.

Using 21st century technology and a focus on individualized learning, we offer high school students the opportunity to become college and career ready, and to earn their state-recognized high school diploma, in a non-traditional school environment.

NorthStar Academies
NorthStar Academy Student Learning

Our Focus:
NorthStar Academy serves students in grades 6th – 12th.   In support of our mission and vision, we focus on the following priorities:

  • Middle school students who are over-age for grade and may have failed one or more grade levels.

  • High school students who have dropped out of the traditional school setting, or who are not on track to graduate with their cohort and are at risk of dropping out.

Five reasons why your child should enroll at NorthStar Academy

  1. Safe learning environment
  2. Small group instruction
  3. Your child will have a voice in the learning environment
  4. Your child can explore or choose a career and technical educational graduation pathway
  5. Your high school student will have a flexible scheduling option.
  • Morning: 7:00am — 12:00pm

  • Afternoon: 12:30 pm — 5:30pm


  • Middle School: 8:00am—4:00pm

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NorthStar Academy

NorthStar Academy

To inspire students to reach their academic potential, strengthen their resiliency and resolve to succeed, and develop the strong work ethic and strength of character that will enable them to graduate from middle & high school with the knowledge, skills, preparation, and confidence required to succeed in today’s global economy. Ultimately, we aim to build self-sufficiency in our students, and a life of accomplishments.

NorthStar Academy

NorthStar Academy

All students, regardless of socio-economic circumstances, deserve an excellent education that will afford them an opportunity to attain knowledge and life skills that unlock their potential to positively impact our global society.

NorthStar Academy

NorthStar Academy

The vision of NorthStar Academy is to provide students an excellent education in a safe learning environment where every student has an opportunity to achieve their individual educational goals by participating in an innovative, non-traditional, blended learning program which will allow students to succeed in school and after graduation. Our focus is on the 3 E’s: Enrollment, Enlistment, or Employment.

Your future is on our mind,
and we want you to graduate.



When it comes to your child’s education we are all EARS, focusing on Enrollment,
Attendance, and Retention to equal Success.